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Changes in Mt. Home and a Sale to Celebrate!

A little news for you!

Some good friends of mine have a label called Apollonian Sound, and I've been doing this Mt. Home Arts thing. We both have gotten a little worn out and wanted to re-focus our energy, and so we've decided to start working together! We've decided to keep the moniker Mt. Home Arts, but from now on this will be a "new project!" So moving forward, I am excited to say there will now be four people behind Mt. Home Arts: myself (Matthew Van Asselt), Elaiza Santos, Tim Woulfe, and Nora Einbender-Luks. We will continue to bring you carefully crafted items of the highest quality, except now there will be more of them and more often! The model will be a "collaborative publishing collective" - so we'll all have some autonomy in what we choose to bring to the table (mountain?) and how we choose to get it there, but we will also be working together on projects and helping each other out with everything as it comes through. The future is bright my friends! I could write a lot more about this but i'll keep it short! Someone interview me for your reputable website!

To help celebrate the changes and to make some space (and money!) for new projects, we're having a BLOWOUT SALE! the website evens says "blowout sale" on it! you get 15% off all orders over $20 and if you're feelin good you can get 25% off orders over $40 by entering the code "WOW" at checkout. That's a lot of percents! So I'd suggested grabbing that loone/paper tape and then everything else you don't have! We're low on a handful of things - here is play-by-play:

-T-Shirts - down to only Adult Large and four left! They are so nice and we will probably not make more of this design. I'd suggest you listen to this great new Eskimeaux album while looking at Oliver wear one of these on the top right.

- Circadian Tremors - unless I lost some (which is possible) there is only one copy of this record left, and it is the thing i am most proud of / possibly worked the hardest on ever. I highly encourage you to buy it! $17 feels like a steal. I wouldn't sell you mine for $17 - if you took it and gave me $17 i would consider that stealing.

- Theo's Print! It's automatically 25% off, and its so good!

- okay i'll stop this

go shopping! The sale runs until the site disappears cause we're gonna make a new one. it could happen at ANY MINUTE!!!!

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Posted on June 10th, 2016
we have a news page but I don't really use it!

it just seems too straightforward to only have a store, you know?  We do have some exciting news coming up, though, but before I get to that here is some "pre-news" :

I just organized the website a little!  that's all.  I made an "archive" page, which is now where every sold out project lives.  I wanted to keep images and information about them in the world, so now it lives there.  The store is now cleaner!  I got rid of the non mt. home stuff too.  This was in part to make room for some new projects!  Info about some/all of them will be coming in the next couple weeks!  Stay tuned..

I also updated the "about" page to link to an interview I did with Forge Art Magazine a little while back!  I talk a little bit about "Mt. Home Arts" if you are interested in reading more. 
I also updated the one-sentence bio.  In it I referred to mt. home as an "engine".  Then I looked it up and the definition said: 'a thing that is the agent or instrument of a particular process.'  It was reassuring. 

Posted on October 19th, 2015
It's coming..!

Hey y'all!  I am a little behind on things as usual!  Eskimeaux tapes are in production and will begin shipping slowly!  I also gotta get enough done for Gabby, ya know?  For everyone waiting on a non-eskimeaux order, it'll go out the day after tomorrow!  Was gonna get em out tomorrow, but I'm out of printer ink..  whoops! 

Posted on May 26th, 2015